November 22, 2008

Blog Moving

Today I have officially launched the new blog. Please go to to check it out. Let me know if you hate or love it. This blog will continue to exist but all new posts will be to the new blog. Please update any bookmarks or feeds you may have setup for the blog.



November 20, 2008

A Preview

I finally have set my new menu structure and look for the site redesign. Hopefully everything else will start flowing quickly. Here is a preview of what the header is going to look like: (clicking on it will make it larger)

November 19, 2008

The Hunter

During the summer this bird made an appearance every morning around 8:10 for at least a week. One day instead of just watching it I took a few quick images. I always knew when it arrived because all the small birds would start chirping like crazy and flying around in packs. This week I kind of feel like a hunter of time and images. Time always flies by when I work on a site redesign. And since I am working on a site redesign and a new blog design, well you can imagine how fast my days are going. I am also trying to update all my galleries with new images which means I have to go back through all my portrait sessions and all the games. It would be smart to grab a few images when I do the proofs instead of having to go back through everything. Maybe in the future I will do that. So to a true hunter I admire your patience and persistence.

November 18, 2008

Family Session

I have the pleasure of photographing this family every year. I work with them to make their custom holiday cards which is always fun. We did manage to get the session in a little earlier than last year and the weather was perfect outside. Here are a few images from the session at VOA.

A few action images.

Sibling love:)

A little effect on this image to give it a slightly old feel.
The entire family together.
Dart is one of the shiest dogs I have every met so this was kind of fun to capture. He looks like he is licking his chops to come get me.

November 17, 2008

An Update

I am working on a new blog and some website changes. Now is the time to speak up if you have any suggestions for either site. I am also taking game requests for the upcoming sports season. Now is the time to get on the list.