February 18, 2007

Princeton At Oak Hills Boys Basketball

Friday night was Senior Night for the Oak Hills boys basketball team and the varsity cheerleaders. There was a great atmosphere in the gym the entire night. The game was pretty intense. The Highlanders started out slow but got the win in the end. What a great way to end the regular season. Good luck in the tournament! Only a few images this time.

A strong move
The ref trying to settle the players down
The end of a cheer
Backflips after a made free throw

February 15, 2007

Snow & Ice

More snow and a lot of ice. This time we had a nice wet snow which makes great snowballs but not so great for shoveling. Luckily we bought a new toy which made the job much easier. So now we are just dealing with ice. All told we are pretty lucky. Nobody has been in an accident and we managed to keep our power. Even with all the pain the snow and ice have caused it definitely made for some great pictures. The first few are from Tuesday and the last are from Wednesday.

My husband using our new toy.
From Tuesday....

From Wednesday as the sun was starting to rise

From Wednesday when the sun started to set

February 13, 2007

Some Wrestling

Spent a full day on Saturday at the GMC Wrestling Tournament. It was a long day for me so I can only imagine how it was for the participants and workers. Definitely a great event and things seemed to run very smoothly from my point of view. Some images from the day are included below.

How quickly facial expressions can change

February 8, 2007

Some Snow

Anyone who lives around the Cincinnati knows we got a big snow the other day. Least big for this area. Since I was sick I got to miss out on the shoveling but I'm sure there will be paybacks later. I did manage to sneak in a few pictures from inside the house on Tuesday and again on Wednesday morning. It was definitely pretty to me since I did not have to be out driving around in it. See my snow images below.

Before it got too deep.
It was really coming down at this point.
Beautiful untouched snow.
Even these birds seemed to enjoy looking at it. (if only they would have turned around)

February 5, 2007

Best Laid Plans

I had every intention of catching up on things the past week which include some blog posts. Instead I managed to get a sinus infection and slept through 3 days. Still trying to recover. I hope to have something to post soon.