December 19, 2007

Fairfield At Oak Hills Boys Basketball

I know - long time since I have posted anything. Between trying to fulfill orders in time for the Holidays and battling a sinus infection, posting has fallen to the bottom of the list. This infection has even kept me out of the gyms for a few days now which is not making me happy. Ask my husband, I do not take feeling bad well at all.

I am finally posting images from the first boys basketball games of the season I covered. The games were played on November 30th. I posted images from all 3 games - the Sophomore, JV and Varsity match-ups. Check them out below...

Sophomore game.

I like that the coach is looking at the player's foot to make sure he stays inbounds.

JV Game.

You can click to see this series a little larger.
Varsity Game.
Jumping to try to save the ball.
This player dribbled the ball while on the floor and kept it alive.

December 6, 2007

Portrait Session

I have had the pleasure of photographing this guy 3 times now. This year he had a little brother join him. It had definitely turned cold out so we were in the studio.

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your family photographs!

A collage of the new baby.

December 5, 2007


We had our first measurable snow of this season today. I am lucky enough not to have to go anywhere today. I am not a big fan of driving in the snow and it is nice to avoid it whenever possible. My husband did go to work so I shoveled the driveway while he got ready for work. Much easier to do it without tire tracks. There was a nice coat on the first section I did by the time I got it all done. Sometimes having a large pad into a 3 car garage is not such a good thing. I have managed to get a lot of things done today which was nice. Not sure if I mentioned I was taking a class. Managed to get caught up on my assignments today. I did have to go out and take a few pictures. Here are a few....

December 3, 2007

Lakota East at Lakota West

Okay, if you live up by me you know that everyone looks forward to any East vs West battle. The boys soccer teams played on October 11th. I would have loved to have covered both the JV and Varsity game but the lighting was bad by the time the Varsity game started. If they would have played in the middle of the field I would have been fine but for some reason they decided to use the entire field :) I did stay and watch the first half of the Varsity game. Then my need to warm up and proof the JV game made me leave. Did I mention there was a nice cold breeze that day? Both games were definitely intense. Here are some JV images.

This could be bad.

I told you it was cold.

December 1, 2007

Start of Basketball Season

I know the season started last week but last night was the first game I covered this season. I am always a little worried about the first game I cover. There is a big difference in the way I approach the different sports I cover so the start of every season I have to get back up to speed on the way I photograph that sport. First thing I did was go back through images from a few of last years games as well as a workshop I attended last year. That helps me remember where on the floor I liked shooting from and where I was not so successful from as well. I got to the gym early like I try to do for any game to watch the teams warm up. A few minutes into the first game I was feeling a little better about things. After the game I quickly scanned through a few frames to see how things were going. Something I normally do not do. From what I could see on the little screen I was okay with. The night proceeded okay and I am okay with the way things turned out for the first game I covered. I also know where I need to improve and a few other things. When I was going through the proofs after the game before posting them online I saw the one below and just had to laugh a little. My timing was way off for what I was trying to capture - a player in a defensive stance as the opposing player takes the ball down the court. See for yourself how I did with that...

How's that for timing? I will post more game images at some point. Right now I need to finish up my backups and prepare to leave for 3 more games today.