June 30, 2008

Senior Session

The weather turned out great for this Senior Session. As I sat in my car at Sharon Woods and watched it sprinkle rain I was a little worried about how things would go. Luckily everything cleared up before the start of the session. I had so much fun. My Senior was up for anything and so we wondered around to different places. She told me she likes color so I tried to incorporate that in my images.

Even though the session was outdoors I brought some of my studio stuff with me. Nobody says you have to use it only indoors.

What amazing eyes!
I had to convert a few to black & white for myself. Her proof book only included color images.
See, we played:)

She loves to read so we did a few images of her reading. I thought I read a lot but she has me beat by a long shot.
Playing a little with the sunlight.
Towards the end of the session I got a chair out of my car and used this stone wall for a background. We were in the road for this one. A few people drove by and I told her we gave them something to talk about at dinner.

June 29, 2008

Lazy Day

Today turned into a pretty lazy day for me. I started out on a good note - made cherry muffins from scratch and did 2 loads of laundry. Then I sat down and started watching soccer. First a MLS game and then the UEFA final. It was nice to have a day to do much of nothing. Back at it tomorrow.

June 28, 2008


What a great time I had at this wedding. I was the second photographer for Neysa and I started out with all the guys at the groom's parent's house. They immediately welcomed me and made me feel like part of the group. All the guys were sitting around watching the U.S. Open and telling stories from their times together. Here is a small collage of them getting ready for the big day.

A gift from the Bride - Ryder cup tickets.
Everyone watching the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time that day.
The groom's expression. I love that the Bride's father is in the background.
While Neysa was taking pictures of the Bride, the Groom decided to made a call.
The bride playing around while some shots of the guys were being taken.
I like the reflection of them in the car.
What to do while waiting for the wedding to start? How about learn a dance for the reception.
Last minute touch-up.
Sneaking a peek before the wedding.

The new missus and mister.
Showing off the ring afterwards.
Leaving the Church.
The first dance.

There were so many different centerpieces but I think this was my favorite.
A little warning before cutting the cake.
Which worked!

Thanks for including me on your special day! I wish you both continued happiness.

June 27, 2008

A Week Of Learning

I have a list of things that I learn. This list contains what I did wrong and things that I guessed right on. Between my website changes and putting out my first mailing this week the list definitely great. On top of those things I am working my way through 2 books on photography. One is about seeing things creatively. There are several lessons and I try to do them whenever I get the chance. I actually like to do them once I have been away from the book for awhile. It makes me think more and remember what I am learning. It is just how I learn. So part of what I was working on is patterns. This morning while I was walking through our bedroom I noticed the pattern of my husband's boots with the foot of our bed. So I spent some time this afternoon playing around with different angles. I did not bother with lighting, just seeing the patterns differently. Then of course I played around in Photoshop and here is one image I like.

And no, these are not where the boots are suppose to be kept.

If anyone wants to be included in future mailings (notification of sales or gives out discount coupons) please send me an email with your information. Include what type of information you are interested in - portraits and/or sports. If specifically Senior sessions make sure you let me know what year you will be graduating.

Updated: I guess an email address would be helpful - barb@trimphoto.com

June 26, 2008

New Sample Galleries Launched

As the title says, I launched the new galleries on my website this morning. Check them out - www.TrimPhoto.com. I would love to here any opinions. Have a great day.

June 25, 2008

Productive Day

Last week I talked about running around and feeling like I accomplished nothing. Yesterday was the complete opposite. It felt like it was one of the most productive days I have had in awhile. Partly because I got to cross a lot of things off my list that I was working on for several days. The big one being the rework of all my galleries. I am hoping to launch them late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. If anyone wants to see a preview and give me an opinion let me know. I have a test site I use and I can give you the link.

I also had a little win at the gas station yesterday. When I pulled in I heard them talking about getting ready to lower the price. I asked them how long it would be and they said 3-4 minutes if I wanted to wait before filling up. Ummm, yeah. So I washed my windows while they lowered the price 4 cents. A small victory! I am sure next time I will arrive 3-4 minutes after they raise the price.

I best get back to my list of tasks. I added 3 more things while typing this post:)

June 24, 2008

Portrait Session

I had this portrait session a week ago. It was a lot of fun. I let the girl choose what she wanted to do for her session. Gave her choices of background and other different things. I quickly realized I should have put some things away because she wanted to try everything :) We did some of the session in the studio and then headed outside to a playground. Here are a few from the session.

We started with her sitting/playing on an ottoman.
Then she found some of my beads and selected a chair.

Finally she changed backgrounds and went for a stool.
Playing peek-a-boo.

June 23, 2008

Just An Update

Somehow I forgot to post anything yesterday. I worked most of the day on my new galleries for the website. That is a time consuming process and it always takes longer than I think it will. Finished up the main page gallery this morning. Or least I think it is finished but I may change one more thing. See, this is why it takes me forever to do these galleries :) Plus I am moving to Flash galleries. Which is good because I can include more images in my galleries but that means I have to decide on more images as well. I went through every game I covered over the last high school season yesterday to find images for the Sports gallery. I already had a good amount of images set aside for the portrait gallery so that was not as bad. Now I have to finish whittling them down and sizing them correctly. So I leave you with another vacation image. This one was taken at my sister's house a few hours before we left.

June 21, 2008

Yard Work

Today was a scheduled day off so I could hopefully work on some yard work. The weather cooperated and my husband was able to take some time off too. We got the second rain barrel in place, moved a bush, trimmed some bushes, spread a little mulch and dug out a buried drainage pipe. Oh, I also picked and pitted another 4 cups of cherries. So glad to get the second rain barrel in place. The first one is working great and I have been able to water several times using the water collected from the rain. Kind of tired now so off to do a few inside tasks and then rest. I hope everyone got to enjoy the great weather today.

June 20, 2008

Nature Images

Today I thought I would share some of the images I took on vacation. We went to a Nature Center one day and while my niece attended a program about rolly pollies, Mike and I went for a walk. While most people choose to walk carrying water we both had a cup of coffee. (we did carry a jug of water as well.) Of course I had to bring my camera along because I rarely get quality time to try to get some nature shots. This place was great. All kinds of birds and other wildlife. Here are a few from our time at the Nature Center.

Mike pointed out the dragon fly and I finally managed to get just one image of it. So hard to find that little thing through the lens of a camera, let alone get it focused quickly enough.
This squirrel let me get incredibly close to it and later it was acting like it wanted its picture taken again.

So I took another image.

June 19, 2008

Indian Hill At St. Xavier Lacrosse

What a game this ended up being. It was the last tournament game I did for the Spring season. The game went to overtime to decide the winner. Lots of fans in the stands for each time with noise makers and flags. Unfortunately one team had to end their season. Thanks to both teams for having me out to the game. Here are just a few of my favorites from the game.

I finally got an image of the ball just coming out of the net on a shot.
What a great point blank save.

The sticks are straight, it is bending because of the force of the swing and connecting with the player's leg.
A little hug during the game :)