January 31, 2008

Lakota West At Lakota East Basketball

If you have read any of my previous posts or live in my area you know what kind of rivalry exists between East and West. This was the first of 2 games the teams will play against each other this year in basketball. The stands started filling up during the JV game. It is a shame more people could not make it for all 3 games because I could feel the intensity during all the games. They were great through the lens of a camera so I can only imagine how great they were to watch in the stands surrounded by other fans. Here are some images from the games.

I was up on the upper level shooting down towards the floor to get this sequence.

JV Game

Splitting the defense.

Varsity game.
A block by West.
A block by East.

January 30, 2008

Lakota East At Mason Basketball

Yes, I know it has been a little while since I posted. My schedule has been a little crazy. Which means I will have more things to post as time allows. This game was my first of the new year. It was played Jan 3rd in Mason's old gym. If you have never been there - here is an idea of how small it is. The players and scorekeepers sit on the first row of the bleachers with the fans behind them. The other side of the court has a nice half brick wall that is part of an old stage. The court ends are pretty shallow as well. I love challenges but this one was definitely a big one. I ended up in the corner sitting on stuff or crammed myself against a garbage can. I also sat on the stage for a different angle. The best part - it was a great game. Lots of fan support and tons of action. Here are some of my images from the game.

This happened pretty close to me which was a bit scary since I had no where to go to get out of the way if they fell towards me. Luckily they did not!
I love all the expressions in this image. A coach at the end of the bench talking with a ref, the teammates on the bench watching the action and of course the player trying to make the play.

January 23, 2008

Oak Hills At Lakota East Basketball

Right before Christmas I covered the Oak Hills vs Lakota East basketball game. I was not going to do any games that weekend but since it the game was at East which is 10 minutes from my house I could not justify not going. Plus I got to see people I know and wish them a Happy Holiday in person. The images below are more along the defensive side for a change of pace. Enjoy.

JV game

Varsity game.

The East dance team performed at half.

The player kept his heel up while running the baseline to stay inbounds.

January 22, 2008

Mason At Fairfield Basketball

I messed up my schedule and missed the Freshmen game. Since some schools in this area have separate freshmen schools I normally looks to make sure I know where the games are going to be. I did not think to check this game since I figured all the girls teams would play in the same location. When I got to the high school I realized I was wrong. The gym was locked up and there was no team bus. I was pretty mad at myself but I knew that if I went to the freshmen game my chances of making it back for the JV game on time were slim. Even though the schools are close, traffic is not always pleasant at that time of day. The high school is located very close to Jungle Jim's so I went there and did a little grocery shopping instead. I did make it back for the JV and Varsity games. Images below.

Varsity game.

January 21, 2008

After Wedding Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of tagging along on photo shoot with Neysa Ruhl back in November. She had a session of a bride after a wedding that is traditionally called "Trash the Dress" but is really just a chance to get different images of the bride in her dress that you would not do on her wedding day. We did not have to worry about the dress getting dirty. And it has to be great to be able to wear you dress more than one time. I do not always get as much time to play around as I would like so it was great to just be able to do whatever I wanted during this session since there was no expectations from anyone. I only took one camera and one lens. I stayed out of the way of the true session going on and had a great time with everyone. Here are some of my images from the day.

I think this is one of my favorites so I played around with it in PS and posted 2 different versions.

Thank you to Neysa and Sophia for allowing me to tag along.