July 30, 2006

Hot Summer Day

What is one to do on a hot summer day. You would think doing something indoors or involving water would be the way to go. Nope. I decided to instead spend it out in the sun shooting soccer games. I got some nice tan lines now and maybe a slight case of heat exhaustion. And I wasn't even the one playing! I decided to share some of my images below.

You've got to love soccer players and their need to be unique!

July 28, 2006

Marketing Picture - Final

I met up with my photographer friend Neysa Ruhl (www.neysaruhl.com) today and she took my picture for some marketing material I'm putting together. As I said before, she does amazing work. Below is the image we chose, both in color and black and white. It is great to see that she understood what I wanted and was able to deliver. Great job! Thanks again!

July 25, 2006

Marketing Picture Draft

I met with my marketing and graphics company today. We are in the middle of creating some literature for me to pass out to potential customers. I was so impressed with the first version they put together! I highly recommend BT Graphics if you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area. From 2 brief meetings they nailed exactly what I wanted. They have asked all the right questions and are helping me get together a game plan for my business. While I can take great photographs, my marketing skills are really week. A picture of me is going to be included on the back of the literature so I've been playing around with a couple ideas and showed them so rough proofs of my ideas. Below are the 2 pictures they liked. They loved the concept of the first one and want my smile of the second one to go with the concept. So, hopefully I can get that taken care of by the end of the week. I've enlisted a photographer friend to help me out. It should be a real challenge for her because I hate being in front of the camera. Put me behind it and I will smile all day long. After I get those shots done, I'll be sure to post them and give her high praise. She does amazing work!

July 23, 2006

Women's Tennis Part II

For some reason I was not able to upload these 2 images to my first post. Both of them are of Katarina Srebotnik. She upset Patty Schnyder on July 22nd to make it to the finals.

Women's Tennis

I love tennis! I wish I could play it better but I'll settle for watching it. I managed to get a media creditial for the women's tournament held in Mason, OH at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. What an experience walking across to the court to get to the media benches. I would have given anything to actually have been allowed to take a racket and just hit one ball. Below are some of the pictures I took over 4 days. It was hard to pick just a few to post. I tried for a variety. Hope you like them.

Patty Schnyder serves
Venus Williams stretches for a ball.

There was a rain delay of 110 minutes one night.
Venus Williams warms up on a practice court.
Bethanie Mattek prepares to hit a ball during her match with Venus Williams.
Venus Williams puts a lot of force behind the ball.
What else is a photographer to do during a rain delay but take pictures of signs in the tunnel.

July 15, 2006


Looking out the one of my windows the other night I saw a hummingbird on my honeysuckle flower. I was pretty excited since several other people have mentioned having them but I had never seen one on mine. It kind of validates you of having flowers good enough to attract hummingbirds. (yes, I can be vain at times) I tried to grab a couple pics real quick before it disappeared. I had to shoot through a screen so they aren't the best quality. Next time maybe I can sneak outside and get a picture before I scare it away.

July 11, 2006

Night at the softball field

I went to my husband's softball game last night. First time I've been all season. I forgot how much fun beer league softball can be. The fields they play on are great and have real baseball dirt. Of course I had to take my camera to snap a few pics. Unfortunately the games were running behind and by the time they started it was almost too dark to take any pics. While waiting for the game to start there was somebody running a stunt airplane so I decided to try to get a few pictures of that.

This one is through the chainlink fence that was in front of my face all night. Who knew being 5'7" wasn't tall enough to see over softball fences.

This guy had such a great expression whenever he swung at the ball.

Below is my guy running back from right field where he was playing. He wasn't even smiling for me. Just having a great time.

Here is the pitcher of the team. He didn't like waiting between pitches and just wanted to keep the game rolling which I appreciated since I had to get up early the next morning and it was already getting late.

July 10, 2006

Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I posted anything. Trying to catch up on sleep and the things I missed while at my workshop. It was an amazing workshop. The last day went so quickly but the drive home went so slow. Experienced a little car trouble on the drive back but luckily nothing serious and I was able to make it home before taking it in for repairs. Below is just one picture from Friday. Since there were no critiques on anything we took on Friday I decided just to pick one from the basketball game I shot. Of course there is no action except the ball going through the net. Hopefully I'll find time in the coming weeks to post some of the actual action pics from the game.

July 1, 2006

Workshop - Thursday

Got to go to the Sky Sox baseball game on Thursday night. What a great experience! Below are only2 shots from the game. 9 innings of baseball produces a lot of images.

Workshop - Wednesday

The workshop was very busy. Here are the pictures I submitted on Wednesday. I had trouble uploading them so sorry for the delay.