October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

It is absolutely a fabulous day here for Halloween. I cannot wait to see all the kids in their costumes tonight. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

October 30, 2008

Oak Hills At Lakota West Football

Finally posting the football game I went to where I played around. I rarely get to go to games anymore and just try things out. And since this game was so close I decided to go. When I left, I told my husband that I would leave the game after halftime. Course he just looked at me like yeah right. So when I called him at the end of the 3rd quarter and said I was heading out in a minute or two, he said he was surprised that I was not staying the entire game. He really did not expect me to come home before the end of the game. But I was good and left with about 5 minutes to go:) So here are some images from me playing around at the game:

Losing a helmet.
I love when the players make my life so much easier. They lined up like this right in front of me. Course I did position myself almost directly in line with the line of scrimmage.
The snap.
Watching the ball so he can moved at the snap of the ball.
Images from halftime now.

She was smiling every time I looked at her.

October 29, 2008

Oak Hills Girls Varsity Soccer

I was asked out to the last regular season home game for the Oak Hills girls soccer teams. It was senior night and I enjoyed being there. Here is an image of the team after the game.

October 28, 2008

Ursuline Academy At Mt. Notre Dame Soccer

I found myself back at an Ursuline soccer game on Wednesday night. I had just covered them on a Saturday afternoon. The weather had changed a lot since then. A cold wind had moved in and there was a threat of rain. A rain shower moved through about 15 minutes before game time. The ground was wet but other than that it was not bad. The sun even peaked out a few times during the first game. Both games were intense as these teams are definitely rivals. Here are some images from the games:

Amazingly no injuries.

A nice save.

The varsity game started in with light.

But got very dark. This is one of the darkest soccer fields I have been on.
One of the few lit spots on the field.

October 27, 2008

Lakota West At Lakota East Volleyball

I had the pleasure of covering the West vs East girls volleyball game back in September. It was originally scheduled earlier in September but the high wind storm we had caused it to be postponed until September 30th. The games were part of the Volley for the Cure program as well. They could not have picked a better match-up for that event. The fan turn out was huge for both teams. Cheerleaders were there and the East band showed up for the Varsity match. The teams did not let down anyone in terms of their level of play. Here are a lot of images from all 3 match levels. (more images than normal)

Stretching out to get the ball over the net.

A dink.
A block at the net.
Setting up the spike.

The cheerleaders working the crowd while a player serves.

Setting up for a spike with the fans in the background.

October 25, 2008

Long Day

Today was a long day. I got up at 6am to start my day. The last of my images are uploading as I type this at 9:45pm. I enjoyed every minute of the soccer game and 2 football games I covered. Well, except for the very cold wind. Not sure I am really ready for the cooler weather.

The below image is from last Sunday. I had an engagement session and a family session. While proofing the family session this week I saw this. I tend to hit the trigger button on my camera while moving around and always come up with interesting images. This is my shoe:) Which is actually better than some of the other things that appear.

Off to rest and spend a little time with my husband. I hope everyone had a great Saturday.