March 31, 2007

Friday Night Lacrosse

Friday here in the Cincinnati area was beautiful. Knowing that I would finish my day with some lacrosse kept me going all day. The temps were great and the sun was out most of the day. The Elder White team took on the St. Xavier Blue team at St. X. There were definitely a lot of hits and scoring going on. Below are some action images from the game.

The coin toss.
Sprinting down the sideline.
Trying to advance and hold onto the ball.
Defense coming from behind.
Halftime. Loved the setting sun light.
Trying to hold up the offensive rush.
Clearing the ball from the Elder defensive half of the field.

March 21, 2007


It has definitely been a little while since I last posted. Been busy doing a lot of little things. Plus I took a few days off to enjoy the first 4 days of March Madness. I love watching college basketball and I look forward to this time of year.

The weather has turned nice here as well and am trying to take advantage of it when I can. Yard work is already starting and I try to squeeze in a run whenever I get the chance. I'm envious of all the runners training for a marathon right now. Maybe I'll find the time again one of these years to train for another one.

All the winter sports have wrapped up and I've been working on year end collages. I also attended one year end sports banquet already and plan to attend a few others in the coming weeks. Also working on my schedule for the spring sports which has already started with some lacrosse and scrimmage games. Hopefully I can post my tentative schedule on my photography site here shortly. Two of the collages I have recently completed are below.

Varsity Basketball Team
Varsity Wrestling Team

March 9, 2007


So on last Saturday I was indoors with nice heat for basketball. On Sunday I was outdoors with great sunlight but freezing temperatures. There was some snow on the streets when I left my house and a nice breeze. With multiple layers on but not enough to keep me from moving too much I headed to St. Xavier High School to photograph a few lacrosse games. I want to thank the fan that picked up my hat I dropped while trying to pull on my gloves. That was something I definitely did not want to be without while on the field. I enjoyed the games and it was a nice change of pace to get outdoors again. And sunlight is so much better than gym lights. It was also great meeting a new group of people. Below are some images from the two games I photographed.

A collision waiting to happen.
Fight for the ball.
Got to love it when they look at you.
A leaping shot.
You know you have a great position when the ref walks in front of you.
He was doing his job so I moved so I could do mine.
Another battle for the ball.

March 4, 2007

District Basketball Game

I am continuing to follow the Oak Hills girls basketball team and Saturday was their district title game against Centerville. They played at Harrison High School. What a nice facility! The lighting is the best I have had all year with regards to basketball. Centerville played strong but ended up losing to Oak Hills. What I absolutely loved was the great fan base for the Oak Hills team. A lot of students shows up and made tons of noise throughout the game. Below are images from the game.

Adding a bubble to the defensive pressure.
Concentrating on a free throw at the end of the game.
Powerful drive.
A pull up jumper.
The students during a free throw attempt.
The students after a successful free throw.
A pass down low.