September 30, 2008

Oak Hills At Lakota East Football

I promised awhile ago that I would post some action shots from this game so I thought I better get to it. It was definitely a muggy night for football with the threat of rain. I brought my rain gear for my cameras but decided against anything for myself. Rain would have felt good and I did not want the extra weight just in case it did decide to sprinkle. Course the threat of rain meant cloud cover which was not going to be my friend in terms of lighting. East has a pretty dark football field once all natural light is gone. There are several reason I stay away from using flashes at night and they are all personal reasons. So instead I work hard and try to get great images in the dark and complain about the lack of lighting:) Here are some images from the game.

The East band and flag corp performed before the game.

Tearing through the line trying to get to the ball.

The Oak Hills band performed at half. I like the reflection of the other band members in the tube.
A high snap.
But he recovered and managed to make the throw.

September 29, 2008

Game Requests

It is now easier to make a game request. I have added a new page to the website that allows you to make the request directly from there. A few people mentioned they did not realize they could make a request so hopefully this will help people become aware of this option. Like always though, paying sessions always come first. Requests will be handled in the order they come in and also quantity for a specific game. If you have any questions let me know. Here is the direct link:
Game Requests

September 27, 2008

Mercy At Ursuline Academy

Another freshmen soccer game. I thought this one would be fitting to post today since I am headed out to cover the JV and Varsity Ursuline team this afternoon. These 2 teams battled it out throughout the game. Here are some of my favorites of the game.

This keeper was kept very busy during the game and made several great saves.

A little different looking collage.

September 26, 2008

Oak Hills At Lakota East Freshmen Girls

This post goes with my last one. I decided to separate out the girls and boys games. The girls played after the boys. Normally I do not have to worry about fading light with freshmen games since they start earlier and have less time between the games. Not the case this time. I was anxious for the game to get started so I could use the great natural light as much as possible. The game itself was very physical and intense. Here are a few images from the game.

One of many battles throughout the game.
Sometimes I really wish I could be on the field to get a better angle on an image and this is definitely one of those occasions. I would have loved to have a direct look into the keeper. But I obey the rules and keep my 5 yards off the field:)

September 25, 2008

Oak Hills At Lakota West Soccer

Some freshmen boys soccer. Actually it was the JV-B West team against the Oak Hills Freshmen team. It was unfortunately not much of a match as one team was still struggling to come together as a team. Here are a few images from the game.

September 24, 2008

Mason At Oak Hills Soccer

A switch up from football to soccer. The Mason team traveled out to Oak Hills for Saturday night soccer. I actually spent the day on the west side of town. Earlier in the day I covered a football game and then head to Panera where I ate lunch and did the football proofs. With their Wifi service I was able to get everything uploaded before heading out to the soccer games. That was a big relief for me knowing that I had that game taken care of before starting more games. The soccer games were definitely worth coming out to and I enjoyed catching up with a few people I had not seen for awhile. But enough about my day, here are some images from the JV and Varsity games.

To me she is saying - "Mine! Go away, you cannot have it." Which is definitely the mentality a keeper needs.

A little collage series.

Not sure why, but I just like this one a lot.

September 23, 2008

A Wedding

I had the honor of being a second photographer for Neysa at a wedding in August. The wedding was outdoors at Alms Park. It was a beautiful sunny day which was just perfect. I went to Alms early to get some of the setting up images. There is a ton of work that went on behind the scenes to make everything perfect for the day. Thanks to the lovely couple that welcomed me immediately. It was a truly amazing wedding with love filling the air. Here are a few images from the day.

This groomsmen had the ladies helping him get ready.

The first look set up by Neysa

Things got fun during some of the "formal" shots.
The bride insisted on having Neysa in an image. A testament to how great of a photographer she is and how she makes friends out of all her clients.

Ready to start yet?

Here is a look at the finished setting.

Everyone went down to watch the fireworks and had some sparkler fun as well.