October 24, 2006

A Little JV Football

The images below are from a JV football game last Saturday afternoon. I love daylight football games much better than night. I don't have to worry about the lighting at the stadium when I have sunlight. I hope you enjoy the pictures below. I'm off to go rest as I try to fight off the last of a cold that had me sleeping for 2 days.

Just as the ball is snapped.
A run.
Some instructions.
Getting tackled.
A nice interception.

October 16, 2006

Saturday Soccer

Last soccer post for awhile. This game was rescheduled twice because of downpours that made the field unplayable. Finally no rain but a little on the cold side. The sun definitely helped. Thought I would show something a little bit different this time. I put together a collage of one player and then thought I would show some of the physical side of the game. These games were definitely rough. I love doing collages but do not get to do them as much as I like. They are hard to sell through my online site so I have to let people know they are available and they have to contact me if they would like me to design one for them. Not as simple as I would like but I'm working on a better way to sell them.

The header sequence.
Umm, maybe a foul.
Every lose ball was fought for.
More aggressiveness.

Good luck to the Varsity team as they start tournament play this week.

Thursday Night Soccer

Thursday night was time for the girls to play. Definitely a lot cooler than the boys game on Tuesday. The high for the day didn't even get out of the 50s and there was a nice strong wind. I had several layers on trying to stay warm but there is only so much I can wear and still move around like I do in order to get the images I want. Not sure playing was all that warm even with the running.

She can't believe the ball didn't go in the net.
Fighting for the ball.
A header.
The sun on this one was great.
Yelling out some instructions.

Tuesday Night Soccer

I photographed 3 soccer games last week in a span of 5 days. Below are images from the first game which was held last Tuesday. Oh, when I say games I'm including both the JV and Varsity games so technically it was 6 games. Tuesday night was a great night for soccer if a bit on the warm side for the players. Below are some images from both the boys JV and Varsity matches.

A little tug never hurt anyone.
Nice save!
Getting ready for that header.
A lot of concentration.
If only he would have turned to face me :)
Fighting for that header.
Good luck to the Varsity team as they begin tournament play this week.

October 13, 2006


This has been a busy week for me with a lot of sporting events I was covering. The week started out with volleyball at Oak Hills. While gym lighting is not my favorite source for light this gym was not too bad. A few more powerful lights would be helpful. Below a are few of the images from the game. The Oak Hills team looked very impressive that night.

A serve.
A dig.
A dink.
A collage of a set and spike sequence.

October 11, 2006

Senior Portraits

I have recently decided to add senior portrait sessions as part of my business. Whenever I add something new I like to try things out so I can show examples to myclients. The new thing could be a new product I'm thinking about offering, a newlocation for sessions or a new sport. I do not want to offer anything to mycustomers that I am not 100% sold on myself. So what I would like to do is find 3-4seniors, or even juniors, who would be willing to have their senior session done for$25 and 10% off printed photographs. You must be willing to sign a release form (orhave your parent sign it if you are under 18) so I can use the pictures on mywebsite and in my portfolio. The session would be run just like the senior sessionslisted on the site. (senior information) You will get the proof book which is yours tokeep. I'll take the first 3-4 who contact me and live in the Cincinnati/Daytonarea. You must book by the end of the year and the session must be completed by theend of April 2007. Please contact me through my website. Thank you. TrimPhoto.com

October 7, 2006

Tall Stacks

Cincinnait is hosting Tall Stacks this year and I went with a few photographer friends to the first night to take some pictures. Thanks to Neysa and Karen for going along with me on kind of short notice. The evening started out a bit hot but when the sun started going down the temps were much nicer and I loved the light. Below are a few of my images from the night. Ending with fireworks which was the first time I ever tried to photograph them.

Picture of the Cincinnati skyline with a few boats on the river.
A waterwheel leaving a small wake.
The next two are from that beautiful sunset light on the water.

I was playing around in photoshop and changed this image to something totally different since it was a bright colorful image to start. It almost looks a little fake now but it was fun to play around for a change.
The fireworks that ended the night. First of them launching and then exploding.

Portrait Session

I love capturing children as themselves. While I do have a studio for sessions, I believe most kids are comfortable and more natural in an environment they are familiar with. I met this family at a local park for the session. While there was a little chasing around on my end, I enjoyed the session. And since fall is here I threw in a pumpkin for a few pictures to go with the season. Hope you enjoy seeing something other than sports for a change.

October 1, 2006

Cross Country

I spent my Saturday at a cross country meet at St. Xavier High School. The weather started out a little on the bad side but improved nicely. Just a little rain but then sun but still low temps which is almost perfect running conditions. The wind was a bit strong at times. I've never run cross country so it was a different experience for me. The event was very large with over 2000 runners from many different schools. The crowd support was great as well with people lining the start and fans cheering the finish line as well. All the St X staff people I met were great and helpful. Below are a few images from the day.

Another use for a baseball dugout - the St X "locker room"

Two racers sprinting it out towards the finish.
Below are 2 guys running towards the halfway point. Runners always have great facial expressions.

This girl noticed me as she rounded a bend.
This guy noticed me as well and I think was surprised to see anyone on that part of the course.