June 30, 2007

Senior Session

I had a senior session right before my vacation. Since I decided to add senior sessions as a product I offer I needed a model. This girl was nice enough to go through the paces of an extended senior session. I think she was done with me by the end. Hopefully she enjoyed some if it and likes her pictures. I would love to hear comments from others as well. Thanks for looking.

A very special thanks to my model. Have a great senior year!

June 28, 2007

Family Session

What a great way to end Father's Day than with a photography session. This family met me in the early evening at a park in Mason. Luckily the rain stayed away from us and the temperature was not too bad. The kids had so much energy. I wish I had half that energy towards the end of the day. I had a great time with everyone! See below for some images from the session.

June 27, 2007


Back in May I got an opprotunity to learn about wedding photography. While my main focus is portraits and sports I like to also try out assisting at weddings. Neysa was nice enough to allow me to acompany her and Karen to a wedding. I would like to thank Neysa for having me, Karen for allowing me to follow her around learning all the duties of a second photography and to Jill & Chris (bride & groom). I had a great time and learned so much from these 2 wonderful photographers. In my opinion, a wedding photographer needs to relate well with the couple getting married in order to really capture the day. Both Neysa and Karen not only photograph weddings but make the couples their friends. I would highly recommend either of them for your wedding. Below are some of my images. Check out their blogs (click on their names above) for their images from the wedding. Best of luck to Jill & Chris on their lives together.

June 17, 2007

CCD at St. Xavier

I pretty much lived at St. X the weekend of May 19 & 20th. There was a JV season ending tournament and the Senior Day game for the St. Xavier varsity team. I decided to only show some of the varsity game pictures. The JV tournament was great and I am extremely thankful to the guy who got me a drink while I was on the back field. There was not enough time between games for me to run and get it myself. Sunday was an extremely warm day where even the refs called a timeout so they could get something to drink.

The varsity game was played on Saturday afternoon between some of the JV games. Before warm-ups the seniors were announced with their parents. The seniors did not want to lose their last regular season game and you could see that right from the start. St. X won the game. Here are some images.

Good luck seniors!

A catch.
A succesful defensive play to stop a score.
Keep an eye on the ball.
A nice save.

June 16, 2007

Indian Hill at Ursuline Academy

This game took place on May 10th. It was a tournament game which Indian Hill ended up winning. There was definitely a lot of scoring and lots of effort put forth from both teams. This was my last high school girls lacrosse for the season. It was great learning a new sport and meeting new people. I hope to again cover this sport next season.

Looking for an escape downfield
Not at all happy with the call.
Keeping the ball away while advancing.
Gaining possession.

June 12, 2007

St. Xavier At Moeller

Trying to catch up with some posts from the past month or more. This game was played in the rain on a Saturday night. I remember the game pretty well since it was a nice day all day and 25 minutes before the game starts the rain also starts. While I had rain gear for my cameras, my rain gear was a little lacking. I was missing my rain pants. By half time there was no longer a dry spot to be found on me. I went and stood under the shelter at the entrance to try to escape for a little while during halftime. That least gave me a dry place to switch out my cards and make sure my battery power would be find for the rest of the game. Here are some images from the game. You can see some of the rain in them. It was never a downpour luckily but definitely steady mist or light shower the entire game.

Battling early in the game for the ball.

Looking for a teammate for the pass.

Passing to a teammate.

Looking to pass.

June 11, 2007

A New Floor

My husband and I have been talking about ripping out carpet and putting in wood flooring in one room of the house. I got tired of talking about it one day and needed to let off some frustration so I starting on the carpet. Within 3 hours I had the carpet out and most of the things back in the room. That was even with a dinner break. As we have done various things to the house over the years we have found out that sometimes having things put in not so well actually makes it easier to change. Since the carpet wasn't really installed all that great it took no time to get it up. A lot of the staples came up with the padding which made it a lot easier. Cutting strips definitely was a good way to go. Gloves were a must. I started without them on for some reason but quickly pulled them on when I got to the padding. I also wore eye glasses to protect them from anything flying off as I pulled carpet, padding and pried off the tack strips. I included a few images of the destruction. Since it was just me they are quick pictures and then back to work.

The first row of carpet removed.
A few more rows into it. Dinner break time.
All done.