July 27, 2007

Oak Hills Football Field

Oak Hills High School raised enough money to replace their grass football field with a synthetic field. They did an amazing job to collect enough money in a year. The field is scheduled to be completed this coming Monday. In plenty of time for the first football game. I stopped by the field yesterday and was amazed by the difference. It looks amazing! As a photographer I especially excited since that means the ground will be a bit easier on the knees and if it rains I will no longer by walking through or kneeling in mud puddles. I am sure all the players and coaches are excited about the new field as well. Below I included some before shots of the field and then some current images.

Lots of dirt patches

A black & white of the image from above.
Laying part of the field.

Great to see the logo in the middle of the field.

A black & white of the new field.

July 17, 2007


I am really good about getting up in the morning and getting things done. By late afternoon though I can be easily distracted. I think I actuallylook for these distractions at times. Thursday-Sunday I worked on a slight re-design of my photography site. Every morning I would get up and work on it. I did not do too bad but occassionally I would have to just get away from things. I ran 3 times in those 4 days. I got new trim and painted it. Did some yardwork. Read books and watched a few movies. But one of my favorite things I did was grab a camera with one lens and walk around my house taking various images. Sometimes I did this in the middle of the day and other times at night. Not often do I get to just play with my camera so it was nice to have the break to do so. Today was the first time I took the card out of my camera and actually looked at what I took. Below are just 4 images of the ones I took. Check out the changes to my site and let me know what you think. More to come in the next month or so.

We have had some great sunsets recently.

Not quite a sunset but I liked the light and how the silhouette turned out.

July 13, 2007

Baby Session

I had a baby session towards the end of last week. This little guy is so cute! He was fussy at times like all babies but we waited him out so I could get some images of him not crying. I am glad the parents did not mind taking the extra time with me. Below are some pictures from the session.

This chair they had was great.

July 10, 2007

For some reason I can not set a title for this post in the right spot. So I hacked it for now.

From a previous post you know that I tore out carpeting in a room in our house awhile ago. A little over a week ago we finally found the wood we wanted to put down on the floor. This past weekend we started to install the new flooring. I love it! There is just something about wood flooring that I love. We managed to get the room mostly done in one weekend. If I did not have to make us quit on Saturday for a shoot we most likely would have gotten it done in 2 days. Now I am working on getting the base trim to stain so we can install that after we finish laying the last few rows.

My husband looked up when I snapped this one.

Laying out the first row.
After lots of measuring to get everything set and some cutting for the vent, this is the extent of day one.
Day 2 went much better. Just a few rows left there on the left side.

July 2, 2007

Nassau Wedding

Nassau was a beautiful site for my brother-in-law's wedding. It was great to welcome another "sister" into the family. Thank you very much for allowing me to there for your wedding. While a bit warm it was a great day and you both were so happy. I wish you nothing but the very best for your future. Just a few of the images I shot are below. Somehow I seemed to have taken a lot more than I thought. I also want to thank Neysa for allowing me to take a few photographs. Hopefully I stayed out of your way.

The rings.

The bride is ready.

The groom is already tired of me.

Ready to walk down the sand.

I love that they held hands throughout the service.

The kiss. With a seagull on the left side.
A little joking around.
Cutting the cake.
The bride starts the fight.
The groom fights back.
A moment after the wedding.
Had to do some sunset shots.