May 30, 2007

Mt. Notre Dame vs Ursuline Academy

How about a change of pace? Skipping ahead a few games I decided to show some girl's lacrosse. This game was played on April 28th in the morning. I remember it pretty well since it was a lot colder than I was expecting and there was even a nice little drizzle of rain before the start of the game. It had poured down rain the previous day and the field was in pretty bad shape. While it was mostly dry it did have some nice holes in it that they tried filling with sand. The sidelines were soaking wet and by the start of the game my feet were soaked. By the end of the game my entire legs were soaked since I like to knee and sometimes crawl in the grass. This game was part of a JV tournament that was hosted by Sycamore. I hope you like the images.

Picking up the ball and trying to start a break.

Defensive pressure.

Keeping an eye on the ball.

A small collision.

The face-off.

May 25, 2007

St. Xavier White at Fenwick

I know, I am wait late posting this game. It was played on April 21st. I do remember the day though. It was a pretty warm afternoon but not as hot as it has been this past week. I also remember the field. There is a slight dip around the edge of the field that probably helps with drainage but made it a bit more difficult for me to get comfortable. Because you know it is all about my comfort level:) It was not too bad, definitely have experienced worse situations. Anyway, below are some images from the game.

Starting a break.
Concentrating on the catch.
A score.
Again, more concentration.
Ready to pass.

Some Confusion

Everyone knows the postage rate changed. I saw the highlights of it and tried to determine what that would mean to me. At first it seemed great. It was going to be cheaper per ounce after the standard rate. BUT, apparently there was a package size change now too. So instead of being a normal size letter my photo packaging is considered large envelope. I found out that small detail the first time I mailed something after May 14th. The next time I was prepared and was planning on what stamps to buy so I could go back to doing the postage myself instead of always running to the post office. Things were consistent so I made a list of the different stamp amounts I wanted to buy next time I went to the post office. Next time I went they charged me for first class packages instead of large envelopes. AHHHH! Luckily I went to get my postage checked otherwise I would have had things returned to me. Today I mailed more things and again the first class package rate. The person who assisted me was very nice but he was confused too on all the changes. What he had to give me only has the basic rate information. Nothing for packages. And still nothing that helps me with the new size stuff. After reading up on the USPS website again I see a bullet point that say large envelopes have to be flexible otherwise they are considered packages. Since I definitely do not what photographs I'm mailing to be bent I always use a stiff packaging. So, now once again I think I have the new mail rates figured out. I have more stuff to mail soon. Wish me luck!

May 13, 2007

St. Xavier Blue at Sycamore

I was almost late to this game. My routine is to try to show up at least 20 minutes before a game. I like to watch the teams warm up and get a feel for the different players. My schedule said this game was going to be at Sycamore Junior High but when I arrived I found a girl's lacrosse game. After getting quick directions and a frantic phone call to my husband when I thought I was lost I made it to the game with 1 minute to spare. Thank you to the person who gave me directions. The game was at 11 and the sun was nice and high. I credit this game to creating the base layer to my nice farmers tan. It was a great game though. I do not remember the final score but I know Sycamore won. See below for a few images.

Running up the field
Blocking a shot
Clearing the ball
Keeping an eye on the ball.
Scooping the ball up.
Trying to elude a player.

May 11, 2007

Mason at St. Xavier Lacrosse

I would say I am a little behind in posting entries but truthfully I am way behind. This game took place on April 20th. I actually do remember the game though. The weather was great at the start and a bit cool by the end of the game. Mason brought a lot of fans with them to the game. Below are a few images from the game.