August 27, 2006

Friday Night Football

It was a gorgeous night for football on Friday. The start of high school football was this past weekend in the Cincinnati area. I was lucky enough to have a field pass to the Oak Hills Highlanders vs Anderson Redskins game. Even though the day was hot by the time the game started it wasn't too bad. The game was played at Oak Hills and they started the night off by celebrating their name with a bagpipe band.

Things started off slow but soon the action started to pick up, including this nice run along the sidelines.

Of course I had to take pictures of the band since I was in bad in high school. It was good to see the band cheered by the fans when they took the field at halftime.

Another piece of the action...

The problem with high school game is the light fades quickly and the overhead lights while bright enough to play by do affect the quality of a photograph. I personally still loved the one below even though there is some "noise" in the image.

This is probably why I also tend to take more pictures in the first half than the second. Or least it always seems that way when I break my "saved" images after my first review down by halfs.

August 26, 2006

An Update

I've been a little busy lately and haven't had a chance to update the blog for awhile. Last weekend I spent the day photographing a soccer tournament. As much as I would love to post the pictures here, since the kids playing were not in high school yet I won't. Without permission, I will not post pictures of children younger than high school age. Since I like to post pictures though I thought I would post a few I took before a portrait session a few weeks back. Since I do portraits mainly on location I always take a few shots to test lighting and backdrops. That normally means I'm there at least 30 minutes before the client. Below are just 2 shots I took after I finished testing. Last night I was at a high school football game and will hopefully get a chance to post some of those pictures this weekend. I'm taking most of today off from shooting in order to attend the first Oktoberfest in the area. It is a tradition my husband and I like to keep since it normally is held the weekend after our anniversary.

August 13, 2006

Cincinnati Kings

It was an absolutely gorgeous night for soccer on Saturday. The Cincinnati Kings took on the Pittsburgh Riverhounds here in Cincinnati. The Kings were fighting for a place in the post-season. Unfortunately they lost 0-2 but another team in the league also lost giving the Kings a spot in the playoffs. The game was very intense at times with a lot of yellow cards and 2 reds cards handed out. Below are just a few of my images from the game. Good luck Kings in the playoffs!

August 7, 2006

Red Rose

I decided to take the weekend off from shooting sports and spend a little time working in my yard and around the house. I love doing yardwork. The wore out feeling at the end of the day is always rewarding because you can instantly see your changes. As I started working in my flowers I noticed the bee below watching me. I hate bees. Actually I'm just more afraid of them then anything else so I tried to stay way clear of this guy. He did take flight while I was trying to take his picture and I'm sure a picture of me running away was much better than the one below.

I have one Knockout Rose bush that I try my best to take care of. As I was deadheading some of the old blooms I say a red blossom. This might not seem strange except the rest of the flowers are all a pale pink color. So I had to take a few picture of my unique flower before moving on.