November 15, 2008

Engagement Session

So here is the engagement session I previewed earlier. As I said it was unique and I had a lot of fun with this couple. We started off the session on the ice at Nationwide Arena. My goal of not falling was met. Really didn't care if I fell as long as my equipment stayed safe. We had fun doing different things on the ice and boxes. Thanks to the Arena staff for giving us the access, setting up a net and giving us some pucks. After the ice we did go outside and do some traditional images as well. I want to wish the couple a happy life together, your wedding in Toronto sounds amazing. Enjoy every minute of it.

Five hole.

A little penalty box fun.
Taking over for the officials.

A typical occurrence between Michigan and OSU fans:)

The outdoor images.

A skyline and river image.
I had to use this bridge on the way back to our cars. We ignored the no crossing sign.

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Aneesa said...

What a fun session! The outdoor photos are great too! Love how you captured the no crossing sign in the photo!