November 10, 2008

GMC Cross Country Meet

I found myself out at a cross country meet on a beautiful Saturday morning. Though the temperature climbed a lot quicker and higher than I thought. When I photograph cross county meets I go early so I can walk the course and plot where I want to be during the races. Once I scout then I determine my paths and time myself to see how long it takes for me to get from place to place. With this meet I was able to get to 3 different places during a race. The last route up to the finish was the longest and I had to do it in a short amount of time. By the end of the 4 races I was definitely done and a big hot sweaty mess. But I am glad that I got to get the runners in so many different places during the race. The images below are from the JV and Varsity girls and boys races. Lots to look at since there were so many races. Enjoy.

The start of the Varsity girls' race.
Just a small incline.
Checking out the competition as the finish looms.

Start of the Varsity boys' race.
They were still in a large pack as they approached the incline.

Showing a little muscle before the start of the JV girls' race.

Out to a good start.
A little wave for me.

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