November 3, 2008

Indian Hill At Ursuline Academy Field Hockey

Another Senior night. A request came in and I was able to shuffle my schedule so I could make the game. I do remember getting my first bug bite of the season during the Varsity game. I put bug spray on my arms and around my ankles but did not think to get my hands. That bug was definitely on my hand for awhile but I got it during a quick stop in play. It was my shooting hand so I did not want to move it until I had a good chance of not missing anything. That bite itched for days! Just a couple images from the JV game followed by a few from the Varsity match-up.

It was getting pretty dark especially since there are no field lights. So I had to slow the shutter speed down which causes some blurring. I actually like this motion blur.
Varsity game

The goalie surveying her domain.
A poke save.

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