November 19, 2008

The Hunter

During the summer this bird made an appearance every morning around 8:10 for at least a week. One day instead of just watching it I took a few quick images. I always knew when it arrived because all the small birds would start chirping like crazy and flying around in packs. This week I kind of feel like a hunter of time and images. Time always flies by when I work on a site redesign. And since I am working on a site redesign and a new blog design, well you can imagine how fast my days are going. I am also trying to update all my galleries with new images which means I have to go back through all my portrait sessions and all the games. It would be smart to grab a few images when I do the proofs instead of having to go back through everything. Maybe in the future I will do that. So to a true hunter I admire your patience and persistence.

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