November 13, 2008

Sycamore At Mason Football

Another Saturday afternoon football game. Since it rained the day before it was nice the game was later in the day. Gave the field a chance to dry out. The strong wind helped with that as well. A cold wind at that. It was blowing across one end of the field but not the other which made for huge temperature changes between ends. Guess which end I preferred:) Least I managed to stay dry up until the end of the game. Since I was heading to another game straight from this one that was a good thing. I did bring a change of clothes with me when I left the house. Think that is why I was lucky. That Murphy Law thing, no extra clothes and I would have been soaked. Here are some images from the game:

This one annoys me because I setup at the wrong side of the end zone. I hate when I am in the wrong position.
I did get him after he made the catch but not as great as the previous would have been.
Nice follow thru.

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neysaruhl said...

Great face shots on these! Very nice!